Blank Tiles

+ Monday, November 14, 2016

Six tiles on my kitchen counter, gessoed at bedtime, and ready to paint, this morning. Painter’s mind is as blank as the white surfaces, so I put on my writer’s hat. I wish I actually had a little hat to put on, and it was as simple as that. Mental constraints: I am trying to be efficient, and to enact an idea—not just “waste” the tiles, and the precious time. Second constraint: limited time. I have one totally free hour this morning, and that is all. I thought about a three tile set, using parts of a photograph isolated from one another, but held together by the elements which made them cohere in the photo: setting, time, subject matter? I thought about a set held together by a theme: birds, or Christmas ornaments, or color? I imagined the process of creating the set—all its steps—but right now I am not motivated, or at least, there is a mental obstacle to explore! A little stone in the road that wants my attention. Sigh!



The tile shown is one of a set of blank baby name tiles. Right now there are five of similar deliberately understated pastel designs, which were just five ideas I had on another such bright and new morning (now passed forever into the mists of my personal history and the history of the universe and God’s creation…)

Maybe on another bright day a little baby girl will awaken in her pastel and snuggly-tossled crib, and this tile will belong on her familiar morning wall, and her lovely name will be on it. She will hear sounds of her family stirring in adjacent rooms, while breakfast is being prepared in the kitchen. Her name might be Isabel, or Ann, or Naomi… I will never know her, but my morning will touch her morning in some fantasy story yet to be written. Hmmm… just a little mental stone in the road. Should I kick it aside, or pick it up and take it home?


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