Travel Notes: California

jacarandaHere I am in California, where the lemons grow by the side of the road, and soft blue plumbago blossoms reflect the sky. Where brown-robed friars first brought the Word of Christ, and those seeking an unencumbered new way still plant themselves.

Where waves crash to delineate a vast watery habitat thick with strange and beautiful creatures, while desert lands hide their own odd lifeforms until the sun goes down.

Studious and gifted, the very best and brightest academicians meet by day in mirrored glass buildings to discuss the physics of defense. The landscape is rich with riotous reds, brilliant citrus-y hues, and purple-blues, bright and tropically lush.

By night, music fills the air, and the scent of Jasmine weed (or just weed) assaults the nostrils. The breeze from the ocean requires a sweater, for summer nights are not warm, here, as on the East coast. Jacaranda here, Mimosa there, feed the hummingbirds with their nectar.


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