November —wai…

November —wait a minute—is today the 14th or the 15th? This is totally an appropriate way to begin this blogging experience. Not knowing the date! It is one of those two days, and I could probably figure it out by various reference points. It is definitely Tuesday, and Saturday was the 12th. Aha!

So–today is November 15th. Yesterday was a sunny 70 degrees by the shores of the Potomac. It was blustery, with flags often at stiff attention, and yellow/red leaves scuttling across the parking lot. Today is gray and calm, and a bit cooler, I think. That’s the weather report, for both yesterday and today!

I have recently discovered the bliss of sitting by the Potomac River on a bench and sketching. Not necessarily sketching the scene in front of me (the other day I spent an hour and a half working on a pencil pet portrait) but letting the river give me gentle focus.

Listening to kids playing tag somewhere, saying hello to a hiker or two, and an old couple holding hands, and some dog walkers with a child in a front pack. In awe of the initiative of the occasional kayaker or speedboater utilizing the liquid highway in front of me.

The autumn trees were placidly mirrored in the water which reflected a light blue sky, and golden sycamore leaves floated silently down from towering trees on the banks and began a journey far from the home they had always known. Life drifting by, summer ending, and winter coming on…


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