Morning Glory

I am enjoying a little vacation time in California. Painting is my “work” for these days, although it has been oppressively hot. The heat broke today, and a lot of energy returned! I am mesmerized by the beauty of creation, even in this drought. It occurs to me that the Creator, Whose work I feebly attempt to record, spoke everything forth with an infinite and eternal wisdom. No wonder each thing seems perfectly in place, in nature. It may be craggy, or even seemingly “malformed”, but it still fits. There is no hope that I could even “capture” the infinity in a blade of grass–much less a landscape full of them. But what bliss to try…

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Something about hydrangeas…

These old fashioned purple/blue bits of heaven–who doesn’t love them? A favorite for weddings. I have found collectors for whom an additional hydrangea is a must-have. I do enjoy painting them, and having them in my yard, and in a blue vase on my table…


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On The Mountain

I have spent a little bit of time this summer helping my siblings put siding on a new addition to an old house out in the Virginia countryside.. Every time I drive out to the Blue Ridge I want to capture it all. My muscles and breathing always relax at a specific moment on the road away from the suburbs, right before the foothills appear. Here is a fragment of such a day, committed to paint…


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You are my favorite color. It is sunlight through the translucent new grasses and leaves of spring. Hope and victory over decay and endings. A lime popsicle from the ice-cream truck in the scorched alley, given by a super-cool two wheel riding twelve year old cousin, named Marc… It is the sour flavor of the lollipop given by the doctor who said his patient deserved two, for bravery. The shamrock that grew in the soil of holy ancestors. You keep the kitchen sweet and clean, little sleek Swiffer, the “quicker picker upper.”  A humble friend.

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Summer, and a little relaxation…

It isn’t summer yet, but the thermometer has hit 90, and the sprinklers are on, and kids are running through them, so it might as well be summer! Festivals start, and beer is consumed, and popsicles. It is very, very good to be alive. I work with a 90 year old woman who has a lot of vim and vigor. It makes me hopeful. I will paint, I will immerse myself in green and blue, and pink. I will remember to be grateful, for it opens the mind and heart!Image

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Not Sure What I’m Doing Here…

ImageI’m actually just trying to figure out how this works–so this post doesn’t count–OK?

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November —wai…

November —wait a minute—is today the 14th or the 15th? This is totally an appropriate way to begin this blogging experience. Not knowing the date! It is one of those two days, and I could probably figure it out by various reference points. It is definitely Tuesday, and Saturday was the 12th. Aha!

So–today is November 15th. Yesterday was a sunny 70 degrees by the shores of the Potomac. It was blustery, with flags often at stiff attention, and yellow/red leaves scuttling across the parking lot. Today is gray and calm, and a bit cooler, I think. That’s the weather report, for both yesterday and today!

I have recently discovered the bliss of sitting by the Potomac River on a bench and sketching. Not necessarily sketching the scene in front of me (the other day I spent an hour and a half working on a pencil pet portrait) but letting the river give me gentle focus.

Listening to kids playing tag somewhere, saying hello to a hiker or two, and an old couple holding hands, and some dog walkers with a child in a front pack. In awe of the initiative of the occasional kayaker or speedboater utilizing the liquid highway in front of me.

The autumn trees were placidly mirrored in the water which reflected a light blue sky, and golden sycamore leaves floated silently down from towering trees on the banks and began a journey far from the home they had always known. Life drifting by, summer ending, and winter coming on…

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